Spotlight on our kindergarten program

Our kindergarten teachers Linda and Angela are passionate about preparing children with the skills and experiences they need to thrive, at school and beyond. They keep up to date with new trends and evidence in early childhood education and use this knowledge to innovate and improve our educational program.

Over the last couple of years, despite the pandemic, Linda and Angela have strengthened Brenbeal’s focus on building children’s social and emotional skills. Engagement with local primary schools highlighted social and emotional skills as a key area of focus for children starting prep. Through School Readiness Funding they were able to access programs to help children understand their emotions and learn how to manage them in positive ways. One of the techniques uses puppets to role play how to handle strong emotions. 

Linda and Angela are working to embed these new strategies across Brenbeal and share them with our community. Keep an eye out for the Tuning in to Kids parenting program to learn some new strategies you can use with your own children.

We are very fortunate to have such committed kindergarten teachers at Brenbeal who provide inspiration and support to the whole centre.

For all Kindergarten enquires, integrated or sessional, please contact Krystyna Soprun, Manager