Celebrating the Lantern Festival

On the last day of Term 3, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn (or Moon) Festival. The Moon Festival is an important celebration for children in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. It marks the end of the harvest, a time of plenty. Families gather together at night to eat moon cakes and children march in a Lantern Parade.  

At Brenbeal it’s an important annual celebration with children decorating their own lanterns using paper bags and watercolour paints. On the night of our parade, we lit the candles inside, and the children marched around the yard in the dark. It was very exciting, because it was ‘real fire’, but the children were very responsible and carried their lanterns carefully.

At Brenbeal we celebrate and recognise a number of different cultural events throughout the year through stories, food, art and craft, language and costume. Some examples include Chinese New Year, Easter, Harmony Day, Divali, Holi, Christmas, NAIDOC Week, Chinese Lantern Festival and actively engage with our community to explore other cultural teachings and activities.