Sustainability in action

Recently, we set up a staff working group to focus on sustainability with the centre. Linda, Ha and Aileen are working on an action plan to focus our efforts on two fronts – teaching the children how to care for the world, and improving staff sustainability practices. We have identified our areas of strength, as well as areas we can improve.

One strength was our use of recycled materials for art and craft activities which is supported by families who donate materials to us – so please keep up the good work! We can always make use of cardboard boxes, paper, wool, ribbon and fabric scraps and so on.

Save your bread tags

Another initiative that combines charity and recycling – ‘Bread tags for Wheelchairs’ first began in South Africa in 2006 which collects and then recycles bread tags to make new objects, such as bowls, door knobs and seedling trays. The proceeds are then used to provide wheelchairs for those who need them. Keep an eye out for the collection point soon, so please donate your bread tags.